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Brand awareness

Channel marketing

Event marketing

Websites and landing pages

E-mail marketing

Marketing merchandise


Graphic design



Customers about us

We provide professional marketing services for IT companies

  • Event marketing for IT 
    • Organizing events
    • E-mail marketing
    • Websites and landing pages
    • Inviting and registration process handling
    • Presentations and video materials
    • Graphic design and production of visuals
  • Channel marketing
    • Channel partners recruitment campaigns
    • Channel communication
    • Trainings and events
    • Partner promotions and loyalty programs
  • Design and production of marketing materials
    • Catalogues, folders, flyers
    • Outdoor marketing materials
    • Exhibition stands
    • Promotional items and gifts


  • We know your industry, the latest technologies (e.g. IoT, Cloud, Big Data) and the challenges ahead (e.g. GDPR)
  • We speak your language and understand IT terminology, e.g. we do not mistake ATP with APT
  • You have direct access to knowledgeable individuals with years of relevant experience
  • You get expertly prepared, high quality marketing materials
  • You can communicate with us in any convenient way for you (e-mail, phone, Skype)
  • You partnering with us can be more effective than working with your own marketing department
  • You always have a graphic designer available, without having to reserve their time
  • You do not have to worry about bureaucracy, unnecessary documents, briefs or other forms
  • You always get timely support, within one working day if necessary
  • You entrust the work of experts with a track record of quality and speed
  • You can focus on your own work and business development
  • You benefit from expert support without increasing internal staff numbers
  • You get discounts at established printers and advertising materials manufacturers

BITUBI Agnieszka Skuza

Invoicing address:
ul. Złocieniowa 40/5
30-798 Kraków, Poland

tel. + 48 690.001.951

VAT no: PL 7351583338

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